Daily Hotel Reports (DHR) and CCTV

This is to bring to your kind notice that of late, most of the hoteliers in Thimphu have stopped submitting their Daily Hotel Reports (DHR) to this office. In this regard we we (RBP) would like to request all the hotels of Thimphu to submot the DHR to RBP office. As requested earlier, RBP would be grateful if the hotel staff would take the onus to physically verify the guest’s travel documents (ID Cards/Passport) and enter in the prescribed format. This report would be immense help to the police in particular and the country in general at the time of need (for investigation).

Since we have facility of internet hotels can also send the copy of DHR in pdf to RBP. RBP would like to request name of hotel as the subject of email. Those who do not have internet , they can drop the DHRreport to RBP office l;ocated at the old UNDP building.

If hoteliers still have questions or concerns, please contact at Email: division11@rbp.gov.bt and thimphups@rbp.gov.bt and call us at Tel no. 322470′ 335485′ 331873, 323726.

RBP would like to instruct the hoteliers to install CCTV at the entry and the exit points ( if it id within your mandate )

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Download DHR (Daily Hotel Reports) format : Click

Dorjee Khandu, DNY (COLONEL)

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