The Hotel & Restaurant Association of Bhutan would like to inform our Members that our 8th Annual General Meeting (2019 & 2020) is scheduled on 9th of September 2021, at 2:00 PM through virtual conference (Zoom), which was deferred due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Since 2 (two) Board of Directors has resigned from HRAB, we will be electing 1 Board of Directors from 5-star category and 4-star category each:

1.     5(five) Star Category: 1 candidate will be elected

2.     4(four) Star Category: 1 candidate will be elected

3.     3(three) Star Category: none

4.     Non- Star Category: none

Therefore we would like to request Nominations for the Board of Directors from your hotel. Submit the nominees’ details before 29th of August 2021. Please click on the given Link to nominate Board of Director from your Hotel:
Click on the link for BoD Nomination: 

* Please nominate candidates who are active, willing and available to attend meetings on behalf of our members, if elected. 

Further, we will be electing 2(two) Dzongkhag representative from every Dzongkhag.  Election of Dzongkhag representatives will be conducted after the Annual General Meeting (Nomination request and Election date will be informed later).

Criteria for Board of Directors:    

The Board shall consist of no fewer than 5 and no more than 11 members and shall be elected by the Active Members during the Annual General Meeting for a term of 2 years. For this purpose, the Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer/ Proprietor(s) of a firm which is an Active Member of the Association shall be eligible to be a Board member, provided that no more than one partner of a firm shall at any one time be registered for this purpose.

Qualifications for Board of Director:

A person shall be qualified to be elected as Board of Director of the Association if he/she:

(a) is a registered member of the Association;

(b) is of the minimum age of 18 years; and above

(c) has knowledge and experience in the management of hotel sector

(d) is not registered member of a political party

(e) Candidate should be fully dedicated to serve his/her tenure

(F) Candidate who is determined to take association issues forward to National level.

(g) Ability to oversee, as Board of Director, Association and the affairs for the benefit of Association members.


(b) is of unsound mind and stands so declared by a competent court;

(a) if he/she is found registered member of any political party

(b) has been removed from office on the grounds of misconduct or mismanagement;

(c) has been convicted for a criminal offense and sentenced to imprisonment, with or without thrimthue;

(d) has been found to be in arrears of taxes or other dues to the Government in accordance with the Income Tax Act of the Kingdom of Bhutan, 2001;

– is not eligible under rule I of these regulations; or

– has been disqualified under a law in force in Bhutan.

Thank you,

HRAB Secretariat. 

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