Hotel and Restaurant Association of Bhutan (HRAB) is a federation of HOTELS and Restaurants from all over the country. Members range from restaurants to small family-owned properties to major convention hotels. It is a non-profit, apolitical, mutual benefit organization formed in September 2007 by a group of enthusiastic hoteliers.
Hotel & Restaurant Association of Bhutan Members with past President Mr. Thinley Palden Dorji


Whether you operate a big hotel, a resort or an small family owned hotel, as a member of HRAB you are immediately recognized as a part of most important industrial sector.


Food & Hospitality fair will be an international trade exhibition and a food festival that serves as a business and networking platform for companies and ............

Why should you be a Member?

  • -Members will be provided first hand information regarding the current policies, rules & regulations of the industry.
  • -HRAB provides a platform to its members to stay bounded in enhancing the growth of the industry;
  • HRAB will work closely with the media to ensure that the role, activities and issues of the industry are highlighted.
  • -HRAB supports the hotels and restaurants in providing strength through its recognition by the private and public sectors both locally and internationally
  • -HRAB will represent member hotels in dealing with the Government and public sectors in matters related to the industry.
  • -HRAB is represented in various Government dialogues, forums, advisory panels and disciplinary committees;

Current Issue Progress Bar

Bad Debtors issue
Regional Tourist issue
Water Shortage issue
AirBnB issue
Low occupancy issue

What We Do?

Serve as a common platform & a national point of reference A forum and point of contact on policy matters, legislation, and regulations affecting the industry & to interface with government agencies and other authorities on issues concerning the hotel industry. Promote cooperation among hotels & other stakeholders Establish & promote code of ethics To formulate strategies, in the areas of land, finance, taxation, training procedures and legislation to accelerate further growth. Mediate & arbitrate (resolve) Represent, foster, develop, encourage and improve the tourism industry.