Discount Card

1. The card holder is entitled to 30% discount on room and F&B (excluding liquor) in hotel and restaurant members of the Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Association of India (FHRAI).
2. The Scheme is reciprocal, and applicable only to the functioning hotels and restaurants which are individual members of the Hotel & Restaurant Association of Bhutan (HRAB).
3. Hotels will allow a discount of 30% to a visiting hotelier or restaurateur on the production of a membership card. To avail the discount on hotel accommodation, card holders should make an advance reservation informing the member hotel of their holding HRAB Membership Card. The discount is applicable only on accommodation, food & beverage excluding liquor.
4. Restaurants including restaurants located in hotels, will allow a discount of 30% on food and beverage, excluding liquor ordered by a membership card holder. To avail the discount, the card should be presented before placing the order. No discount will, however, be allowed on take away sales of food to card holders. However it will still be allowed even if hotels and restaurants are offering lunch/dinner/breakfast etc. at discounted package rates.
5. The card is non-transferable and can be used only by the person whose citizenship identity card number appears on the card. No change in nomination is permissible during the course of a year, unless the nominee has severed his connection with the establishment, and the card is returned.
6. A card holder can get discount for a maximum of 10 days in the year at any particular hotel and maximum of 10 visits in the year at any particular restaurant.
7. The card is valid in FHRAI member establishments.
8. In case of hotels the person holding the membership card, his wife and minor children are eligible for the discount. In the case of restaurants, including restaurants located in hotels, the discount is allowable not only to the card holder but also to his wife and dependent family members upto a maximum of 6 persons (excluding the card holder).
9. Where 5% commission is paid in respect of a Credit Card, only 25% discount may be allowed on Membership Card.
10. No discount will be allowed on hotel bookings through travel agent.
11. Members attending Conventions wherein a discount of more than 30% (50% in the case of Post Holder) is allowed on the room rate, are not entitled to any further discount.
Note: For the Executive Committee & post Holder, there are special Courtesy Cards. In this case, hotels and restaurants will allow at least 50% discount on hotel accommodation, food and beverage, excluding liquor and extend all courtesies to such card holders.

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